An Albatross – Eat Lightning Shit Thunder (For fans of Melt Banana, Dillinger Escape Plan, Horse The Band)

I like my hardcore like I like my sex: spontaneous, noisy, and no time for fucking cuddling.  An Albatross’s 2001 debut Eat Lightning Shit Thunder delivers exactly that, and then some.

Playing some of the most sporadic music that the genre has to offer, these Wilkes-Barre (now Philadelphia) dudes are able to cram in more influences and styles within their 11 song, 10 minute album than most bands do in their entire discography.  On Eat Lightning Shit Thunder you’ll hear hardcore, circus music, and 8-bit and every goddamn thing in between.

A must have for any fans of Melt Banana or Horse The Band.

An Albatross – You Can’t Take The Hot Rod With You

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An Albatross

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