Banner Pilot – Heart Beats Pacific (For fans of Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads)

Man, sometimes midwestern punk just hits the right spot.  With Minneapolis dudes Banner Pilot’s latest (ok, it was released last year… I was a bit slow on the write up… deal with it) Heart Beats Pacific the band delivers some of the catchiest tunes punk has to offer.

Heart Beats Pacific is the third release from Banner Pilot, and it doesn’t sway far from their original formula.  On account I’m obsessed with their first full length of Resignation Day, I am more than OK with that move.  Playing catchy, incredibly melodic punk rock similar to Dillinger Four or Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot was criticized a bit for not changing up their style (of course if they WERE to change their style, they’d be crucified for it.  The moral of the story is you can’t win in punk rock.)

Lyrically, the band mostly deals with growing up and being stuck, but they  do it with an eloquence which separates them from most bands.  Opener Alchemy closes out with the message: “And I know/when you’re living under sheets of snow/it can look like the worlds gone black/but remember that the sun comes back/At least they say it does.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re a melodic punk rock.

Banner Pilot – Alchemy

Banner Pilot – Resignation Day
The Holy Mess – Benefits Sesh
Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy

Fat Wreck


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