A Hurricane Mix To Get You Through The Powerless Days

“Penis of unyielding death” is it’s official name.

Well I was originally going to post a bunch of Misfits reviews in the spirit of Halloween, but for those who don’t know, us East Coasters (I’m in Philly) are apparently about to get battered by a storm.   The lovely lady known as Hurricane Sandy is supposed to do a number on us, and has been dubbed Frankenstorm by newscasters.

Personally, I’m used to the over-hyped, sensational, storm bullshit… but the weather pros have stated and I quote “We’re not over-hyping this storm”.  Right.  I’m more pissed because I really legit need to go food shopping, but don’t feel like dealing with the Armageddon types.

Anyway, on account I may be without power soon (or dead), here’s a little mix to rock out to in inclement weather.  You better not fucking ruin my halloween Sandy, I got a pretty sweet Bruce Springsteen costume.

Then again, Philly is offering free parking until Wed… this truly is the fucking Armageddon.


Toxic Narcotic – We’re All Doomed
Bomb The Music Industry – Hurricane Waves
Against All Authority – When The Rain Begins To Fall
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – November Rain
Ceremony – It Rained In My Head
Melt Banana – A Hunter In The Rain To Cut The Neck Up…
Reach The Sky – Raincheck
Disfear – Live The Storm
Every Time I Die – Apocalypse Now And Then
The Humpers – Apocalypse Girl

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