Kid Dynamite Live In Brooklyn NY (8/15/13)

When I saw Kid Dynamite last week at This Is Hardcore in my home city of Philly, I was pretty sure that would be the last I was ever going to see them (minus maybe one more church show they’ll sneak in.)  However, my good friend, who happened to be a founding member of this website back in 2007 by the way, messaged me letting me know she had an extra ticket to the FREE Kid Dynamite show up in Brooklyn, NY at The House Of Vans, who the hell was I to say no to seeing one of my all-time favorite bands again.

I got to the venue around 5pm and the line was ridiculous (which was a reoccurring theme throughout the night).  We waited in line for about an hour and a half before we were let in, and we were in the front half of the line.  Hey, whatever, free show and Kid Dynamite! Don’t care.  Once we got inside, the place itself felt more like Warped Tour or some other fest than a regular show.  Heineken was giving out free beer while Vitamin Water was giving their sugar product out for free as well… for someone who doesn’t drink and can’t drink Vitamin Water, I looked for a water fountain or a sink, but there were none, so I grudgingly got in line for one of the food trucks.  While in line for said food truck, I missed both opener bands, and once up front I bought 6 freaking waters because there was no way in hell I was going to wait in line again.

6 waters causes one to pee a lot, so I got in line for the porta potty during Joyce Manor and missed the entirety of their set as well.  Like I said, lines were a huge part of this show… but no matter, I was here for one reason and that was to rage to Kid Dynamite.

Kid Dynamite:
Kid Dynamite
I just saw these guys last week, and I was just as excited to see them again.  Not many bands can invoke that type of reaction in me.  Kid Dynamite took the (barricaded) stage, but Jason opted to not use the stage for the majority of the set and told the crowd he’d be doing it right along the banisters so pile-ons and sing-alongs could happen.  The band opened with their S/T opener “Pause” and the place became a frenzy of circle pitters and two steppers (myself included, although that should probably go without saying at this point).  Kid Dynamite proceeded to tear through the majority of their discography again, mixing up the setlist some and changing the order from last week, and as a fan who hates repetition, this is greatly appreciated.  The band seemed a little awkward behind the barricades and bouncers who were catching crowd surfers, which was definitely a much different vibe than the stage diving/mic grabbing frenzy of the week before, but they were definitely making the most of it and didn’t miss a beat.

They proceeded to blast through their set while the crowd wasn’t letting up for a second, realizing that this could very well be the last time we’d ever get to see this now legendary melodic hardcore band.  It was a weird feeling, through out the entirety of the show, I felt stoked for life and slightly depressed, making for a bittersweet mixture of emotions as I two stepped and danced throughout the night.  While I’m still hopeful that they’ll play one more church show, and I even expressed to Dave the drummer that it didn’t feel right to not end at the church (to which he agreed), I’m thankful I got to see twice this past week, and four times total after I thought I’d never be able to see them again.

Table 19
PH Decontrol
Pits and Poison Apples
Death and Taxes
Cheap Shots Youth Anthems
Never Met The Gooch
Living Daylights
Introduction To The Opposites
Wrist Rocket
Two For Flinching
32 Frames Per Second
Scary Smurf
Sweet Shop Syndicate
The Penske File
Give Em The Ripped One
News At 11
Zuko’s Back In Town

Rise Above (Black Flag Cover)
Heart A Tact

Kid Dynamite – Heart A Tact

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