Fuck On The Beach – Endless Summer (For fans of Spazz, Pig Destroyer, Infest)

fuck on the beach

There has to be something in the water over Japan, because that island brings us some of the most brutal, hardcore, spastic music known to man.  Sometimes you just need that organized chaos to get you through the day, and Fuck On The Beach’s Endless Summer straight up hits that spot.

Released back in 2001, Endless Summer contains 12 mile a minute songs (minus one incredibly sludgy one that takes up a good 6 minutes) that are actually longer and more developed than most fastcore (including their earlier work) with these songs mostly reaching the 1:40 mark.  While the band is Japanese, the lyrics are all in (broken) english.  Blastbeat drums, wrist breaking chord progressions, and shrieking vocals make this a must for any fans of other adreniline junkie bands such as Spazz and Pig Destroyer.

Even though it was released 12 years ago, Endless Summer is one of my go to’s when I need that quick fix of music that caffeine can’t even imitate.

Fuck On The Beach – She Used To Cry For It

Mosh Mosh Revolution:
Cut The Shit – Marked For Life
Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer
LxExAxRxN – First Lesson

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