Bane Live At Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia 12/1/13)


I can’t think of a better way to start off my December than to go to two shows in one day.  The first one I headed to was a Bane matinee at Philly’s intimate Kung Fu Necktie.  The fact that Bane was playing this tiny ass venue was mindblowing, considering they sell out venues three times the size.

I got there a bit late, but made it just in time for Bane.  The place was packed and I was pretty ready to rage.  Boston hardcore pioneer’s took the dinky stage, shouted “we’re going to start with an old one!” and immediately blasted into “Count Me Out”.  Pile ons, stage dives, and pits immediately broke out with nearly everyone in the crowd yelling along.

The band played as tight as ever, and commented on how this venue takes them back to when they were growing up going to shows in dives that seem to have a little dangerous edge to them.  Apparently this was the first all-ages show ever to happen at the Kung Fu Necktie (although in all honesty I didn’t notice many youngsters there, maybe only us old peeps listen to Bane?)

One thing that I always appreciate Bane is how positive and passionate they still are after all the years they’ve been playing.  From their high energy stage presence, to their between song talks that remind me why I got into hardcore in  the first place years ago.

Bane mentioned that they are finishing up their next (and final) LP, saying that they’ll probably do a few more small tours, come to Philly a bunch more for This Is Hardcore fest, and essentially that they aren’t really going anywhere quite yet.

Definitely a tight setlist, Bane never disappoints live.  Easily one of the best hardcore bands around, it’s always awesome to see them, especially in a tiny ass place like Kung Fu Necktie.

Setlist (From what I remember):
Count Me Out
As The World Turns
Ante Up
My Therapy
The Young And The Restless (I think)
What Holds Us Down
Ali vs Frazier
Swan Song
Some Came Running
Can We Start Again?

Bane – Count Me Out

Nothing Ever Changes As We All Grow Older:
Bane – Holding This Moment
Scenester 101 – How To Be Hardcore
American Nightmare – Background Music
Ten Yard Fight

Chain Of Strength – The One Thing That Still Holds True Today


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