The Queers, Bigwig Live In Philadelphia (12/28/15)

Growing up in New Jersey, Bigwig has always been one of my favorite bands since I was just an angst filled teen.  I thought I’d never get a chance seeing them as somehow every show they played when I was growing up, I couldn’t go to for one reason or another, and then they stopped playing shows for years.  However, this past year I’ve had a chance to see them both at NateFest and the Court Tavern and both shows were killer.  Needless to say I was pretty damned stoked to be catching them again.  The fact The Queers were also playing was an added bonus.

I got to Philly’s small dive Kung Fu Necktie right as the opener was ending and just in time for Bigwig.  The place was pretty packed as the show was completely sold out.  There was barely any room to move and the small room with the stage quickly packed out in anticipation for Bigwig.



As soon as the band took the stage, they immediately opened with Invitation To Tragedy’s “Sink Or Swim”.  With the first strike of the opening chords, while there wasn’t much room to move around a small pit opened up that really didn’t let up for most of the night.  With people piling on and singing along, these Jersey punk didn’t let up as they ripped through a solid set consisting of songs off all four of their full length albums.

Bigwig played a tight set and seemed to have a blast on stage.  Even after all these years, still one of my favorite bands around, and luckily I get to see them once again in a few months when they come around with Less Than Jake.

Sink Or Swim
Sore Losers
Best Of Me
A War Inside
Mr. Asshole
Flavor Ice
Girl In The Green Jacket
No Thought, No Spine
Counting Down

The Queers:


Next up were 80s pop-punk band The Queers.  I’ve had the chance to see The Queers a few times, and they always put on a great show.  Snotty, crude, and incredibly catchy, The Queers had a sizeable pit throughout their set and had fans from their 20s through their 50s singing along. They kept the tradition of keeping stage banter to a minimum and playing without a setlist, ripping through a shit ton of songs to the point where the crowd could barely keep up.

I Hate Everything
Like A Parasite
No Tit
Another Girl
Granola Head
Hi Mom It’s Me
Punk Rock Girls
Can’t Stop Farting
This Place Sucks

The Queers – Little Rich Working Class Oi Boi
Bigwig – Mr. Asshole

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