Leftover Crack, Days N Daze Live In Philly (6/15/16)

You know what’s a beautiful thing?  The fact that it’s 2016 and Leftover Crack can still pack a show on a random Wednesday night.  A few weeks back I headed to Philly’s Underground Arts to catch the crack steady rockers, and got there about halfway through Days N Daze set.

Days N Daze:

days n daze

I’ve never seen or heard of Houston’s Days N Daze before, but armed with horns, banjos, guitars, and an array of percussion instruments, these guys and gals played a style that was reminiscent of if Stza of Leftover Crack decided to play folk punk similar to instead (seriously, the singer of Days N Daze sounds like him).

Reminding me a bit of Philly’s own Mischief Brew, Days N Daze played an energetic set with plenty of crust punks jumping around the pit, and had a decent following who showed up just for them (and hung around outside the rest of the show with their own banjos).

If you dig folk punk, give these Houston punks a listen.  Besides having a name that sounds more like it would be a Slightly Stoopid album than a folk punk band, they were really tight.

Leftover Crack:


I’ve seen Leftover Crack a handful of times over the years, and have been listening to them for as long as I can remember (ok, maybe 15 years)… and it never ceases to amaze me how fun of a show they still play.

Leftover Crack took the stage and opening with “Nazi White Trash”, the place turned rowdy immediately with a circle pit opening and people furiously trying to skank.  It was a typical Leftover Crack set, with plenty of Choking Victim covers thrown in and older songs, although they did sprinkle in a few new ones as well.  I really enjoyed their latest album Constructs Of The State, and if the crowd reaction was any indication, plenty of others did as well.

Setlist (from what I remember, not in order):
Nazi White Trash
Don’t Shoot
Life Is Pain
One Dead Cop
Infested (Choking Victim)
Slave To The Throne
Bedbugs & Beyond
Gay Rude Boys Unite
Stop The Insanity
500 Channels (Choking Victim)
Jesus Has A Place For Me (Rock the 40oz)
Born To Die (Choking Victim)
Crack City Rockers
Crack Rock City (Choking Victim)
Gang Control

Leftover Crack – Rock The 40 oz

Constructs Of The State
Morning Glory – Poets Were My Heroes
Leftover Crack – Rock The 40 Oz
INDK – Kill Whitey
Star Fucking Hipsters – Never Rest In Peace

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