Mean Jeans – Tight New Dimension (For fans of The Ramones, The Riverdales, The Queers)


Portland’s Mean Jeans are back, this time signed to Fat Wreck with their latest release Tight New Dimension.  I’ve been listening to it regularly for months now, and it’s some of the catchiest damn punk tunes I’ve heard from these guys.

Known for their Ramones/Queers influenced punk rock with songs about partying, space, and other rad shit I was at first a little worried that they would try to change their sound up some now that they were signed to Fat to appeal to a wider audience.  Let me put any fears to rest: this is classic Mean Jeans through and through.  I’ve loved the band ever since I heard Are You Serious a few years back, and Tight New Dimension is both an excellent addition for any existing fans but also a fantastic starting point for any new fans as well.

From catchy, fun songs like “Michael Jackson Was Tight” (a self-explanatory ode to MJ) to love songs like “2 Far Out 4 Me”, Mean Jeans perfectly blends garage punk with pop-punk.  We even see the band explore some new territory as well, with the inclusion of synths on the intro of their closer “Are There Beers In Heaven”.

Mean Jeans are extremely good at what they do, and that is play fun, tight, catchy as fuck punk rock.  Give this one a listen, because personally I can’t stop listening.

Mean Jeans – Michael Jackson Was Tight

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