Guttermouth – New Car Smell (For fans of NOFX, The Vandals, The Queers)

In the past year Guttermouth quietly released two EPs, with New Car Smell being the latest.  I’ve seen many reviews claiming that these new releases were the first songs from the California punks since their 2006 Shave The Planet (and if you read this site at all, you’ll know that’s fucking bullshit).  These same reviews blasted New Car Smell for being childish and immature… yeah, no shit…

If you’re easily offended or were never a fan in the first place, you’re not going to like the latest EP, plain and simple.  The songs are immature, offensive, and well… classic Guttermouth.  With songs about girlfriends getting fat, losing their novelty, or just giving up and ordering a mail order bride you should damn well know what to expect from the band from now. However, even though vocalist Mark Adkins is the only original member of the 29 year running band, New Car Smell nails it and sounds just like their earlier albums.

It’s solid, fun skate punk and if you still like Guttermouth like I do (who still throw a damn fun live show by the way) you’ll dig New Car Smell.  Maybe I’m just immature, but there’s just something special about Guttermouth still being Guttermouth, and I fucking dig this EP.

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