Pinkwash, Open City, Ordinary Lives in Philly (2/16/17)

This past Thursday, on a chilly February night I headed out to Philly’s Everybody Hits, a pretty sweet spot that doubles as both batting cages/venue to catch Philly’s own Open City.  The show was a benefit for Electrifest described as an “event for LGBT folks centering POC navigating healthcare, wellness, and institutional trauma through radical music and art” that is happening on April 8th and 9th at Philly’s Rotunda.

There was a considerable amount of people there when I got there right as Ordinary Lives were setting up.

Ordinary Lives:
Philly locals Ordinary Lives took the floor first, and played a set of metal infused, sludgy punk.  With music that reminded me a bit of a mix between A Wilhelm Scream and The Melvins with the occasional thrashy or power metal riff thrown in, even though I never heard of them before the show, I was definitely digging it.  If you dig some metal in your punk, definitely check them out.


Open City:
If you haven’t heard of Philly’s Open City yet, you’re seriously missing out.  Open City is the latest project from Dan Yemin and Andy Nelson of Paint It Black, Rachele Rubino of Bridge and Tunnel, and Chris Wilson of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  They’ve recently released their self-titled full length album, and it’s really fucking good (seriously, go check it out already).

Ripping into their set with album opener “Hell Hath No Fury”, the band played an incredibly energetic set with vocalist Rachele running around, climbing tables, and at times dodging Andy and Dan as they swung their guitars around.  Open City played the majority of their album to a receptive crowd shouting along, and the band didn’t let technical issues or illness deter them as Rachele explained things might sound a bit off since she was fighting a cold (as was I with a low grade fever… and honestly I was pretty damn impressed she had that much energy to be running around like that… I was exhausted just watching her).

An awesome set, Open City cemented themselves as one of the most energetic up and coming bands from Philly.

Setlist: (From what I remember):
Hell Hath No Fury
Whose God?
For Shame
Black Veils
On The Spit
Brother, I’m Getting Nowhere
Honest As A Sunday Morning


Another band I haven’t heard of before tonight, West Philly’s Pinkwash is a two piece consisting of a drummer and guitarist.  Playing fuzzy, indie-ish post punk, I was only able to catch a few songs before I had to run out, but they definitely made an impression with their wall of sound and their catchy melodies.

While I don’t usually particularly listen to this style of punk, their LP Collective Sigh definitely has some solid songs on it.  If you dig ambient, noisy punk rock with plenty of indie influences, give them a listen.


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