Dark Thoughts, Ultraje Live In Philly (6/5/17)

I’ve been super busy, just getting back from traveling a bit and having limited screen time in general so I am so damn behind on posts (shit… I mostly just want to post about the new Rancid album  “Trooouuublemaaaakaaah!”  No but seriously, it is actually good).

Earlier this month, I headed to Philly’s Lava Space in order to catch locals Dark Thoughts.  I got there at the beginning of Ultraje’s set.


I’ve never heard of Ultraje before, but these punks came from San Juan, Puerto Rico and threw a tight set.  Playing no frill street punk, Ultraje reminded me a bit of Philly locals Combat Crisis with their female fronted vocals and aggressive yet catchy melodies.  Singing in Spanish, even if you don’t know the language (and my Spanish is pathetic… like… when I tried to speak it in Puerto Rico, people just responded to me in English because I butchered it so bad… apparently rain isn’t “oposito del sol”) you can definitely appreciate just the energy of the songs and singer, and if you dig street punk at all Ultraje is worth checking out.

Dark Thoughts:

Photo by midwesternhousewives.com

I truly believe that Philly’s Dark Thoughts may be one of the city’s most underrated bands.  Their Self Titled release last year was one of my favorites of 2016, and the band never disappoints live. With their Ramones influenced punk rock, Dark Thoughts nails it with their swift and catchy chord progressions.  But to call them Ramones-core or whatever the fuck kids call it these days would be a disservice to them, as they definitely add their own sound and spin to their songs.  A fun set, if you like catchy as fuck punk rcok, give Dark Thoughts a listen… the perfect soundtrack to summer.

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