Sick Of It All, Street Dogs Live In Asbury Park (6/10/17)

After the first day of Asbury’s Punk Rock Bowling, sort of on a whim I decided to go to the aftershow at The Stone Pony featuring Boston’s Street Dogs and hardcore legends Sick Of It All. The place was pretty packed out, although not completely sold out.

Street Dogs

Video by youtube user: Lauren Stein

If you haven’t heard of Boston’s Street Dogs, they formed back in 2002 by by Mike McColgan, the original vocalist of Dropkick Murphys featured on Do or Die and Boys On The Dock EP (which really, are the only two DKM releases that matter besides The Gang’s All Here).  I’ve had the pleasure of catching them live a few times over the years, although it’s been at least 5 years since I last saw them when they opened up for Cock Sparrer.

I have to say, this show may have been the most solid performance I’ve seen from them yet.  Playing their no bullshit, no frills oi/punk, Mike and company were incredibly energetic running around the stage all while sounding really tight.  Street Dogs played plenty from all their albums, throwing in a Menace cover as well as a Darkbuster cover (as Lemmy is their guitarist).  A fun set, Street Dogs always throw an energetic and solid show every time I’ve seen them.

Sick Of It All:

Video by Youtube user PyschoTVVideos

Somehow, over all these years of listening to hardcore (and growing up in NJ), I never managed to see Sick Of It All live before.  Even more surprising is when Sick Of It All announced this was the first time they were ever playing The Stone Pony… THEY’VE BEEN AROUND SINCE 1986 HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!  The minute the New York hardcore legends took the stage the place exploded in what was one of the most lively sets of the night (and that includes a full day of Punk Rock Bowling).

Sick Of It All throw a hell of a show, with singer Lou Keller and younger brother guitarist Pete Keller both extremely energetic, with Pete constantly running around the stage while Lou was all over the place and kept things going in the crowd even with the dreaded barricade. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount they played off of my personal favorite, their debut album Blood, Sweat, and No Tears. 

At one point, the band gave a shout out to local NJ band (and one of my favorites) Vision, who recently lost their singer Dave Franklin this year.  Citing that they were unfortunately in Europe when the Dave Franklin Memorial Show was played in Asbury, they brought on one of the members of Vision and played “The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say” which got a huge reaction from the crowd.

An energetic show, Sick Of It All has been at it for a long time and if their set was any indication, don’t have any signs of stopping any time soon.

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